System 9098 - Equaliser


Classic Design, Performance and Reliability.

An Introduction to the System 9098 Dual Mic Amp by Rupert Neve the Designer.

“Purists might say they would like to set everything flat in the hope that this might provide a ‘natural’ or unprocessed sound. In nature, however, nothing is flat. Every sound we hear has been influenced by acoustic or mechanical resonances, be they from rooms, instruments, loudspeakers, microphones or other sources. The finest musical instruments have achieved their qualities through years - sometimes centuries of listening and adjusting resonances, and therefore, the generic frequency response and attendant shifts in phase. AMEK has never be reluctant to employ a good equaliser to get musically desirable results!

The System 9098 EQ was a high performance equaliser and preamplifier designed to originate microphone signals of the highest quality and to process signals generally in terms of frequency response. The circuitry was based on the research Mr Neves put into the early 9098 console and the approach beared many similarities to that used in the 9098.

Paramount importance had been given to the sonic quality of the audio path, taking great care to retain the highly-prized musical character of the famous old designs of this pedigree.”

For in depth technical and operational information see the
Blue Room Technical Notes.