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   The Blue Room

For the most part of AMEK's long and illustrious history, business was conducted out of an old printer's mill in the heart of The City of Salford, England. The basement offices of Old Islington Mill were home to the design, research and development of all of AMEK's ground breaking designs.The room where all prototypes were tested was nicknamed 'The Blue Room' after the colour of the walls.

Things have progressed from those days and in May 1999 AMEK moved to a purpose built, state-of-the-art design and production facility located in Trafford Park, Manchester. However the spirit of The Blue Room lives on with our design team who remember fondly the blood, sweat and tears that were shed there to make AMEK designs the highest quality audio products in the world.

In homage to the place that witnessed these initial birth pangs and ultimate successes of our products past and present AMEK gives you The Blue Room Technical Notes. These pages have been designed to provide you with the level of technical information you need and require to make an informed decision about your next shrewd AMEK investment.