Occupying the flagship position in our product range the 9098i was quite simply the definitive master recording console of all time. Conceived by the brilliance of Mr. Rupert Neve, the 9098i was been made possible by AMEK's innovative approach and ability to realise its designers ideals.

  Producers Absolute with the 9098i at Olympic Studios, London.  

Ruling its rivals from the summit of analogue console design the 9098i came with the advantage of being engineered from the ground up in pursuit of sonic excellence. Possessing an unrivalled quality of audio circuitry 9098i achieved performance figures known to be unreachable in the digital domain and previously considered extreme even for analogue engineering.

Primarily a Music Recording console the 9098i was specified with future in mind by addressing multichannel formats up to and including 5.1. This added in-built flexibility also made the 9098i a serious consideration for a variety of production applications where sonic performance ruled and where no compromises were acceptable.

Supertrue™ fader, switch and event automation was included as standard. This not only permits fast, precise and flexible control of console settings, but also ensured a successful commercial venture through delivery of intuitive and familiar ease of operation. Supertrue™ encompasses Virtual Dynamics™, Recall, Visual FX, synchronisation to incoming SMPTE and software control of external devices.

Many companies have tried to couple that 'classic' analogue sound with the best in console automation, but only AMEK was able to achieve this magic combination with the 9098i.

See below for the main features of the 9098i:

Main Features

  • In-line architecture
  • Classic Mr. Rupert Neve Mic Amps with 0-78dB Gain
  • Mr. Rupert Neve designed 4 band Equaliser & swept filters
  • 5.1 monitoring and mixing capability
  • Supertrue™ automation
    • Both signal paths automated on P & G faders
    • Virtual Dynamics on both signal paths
    • Recall
    • Extensive machine control
    • Visual FX
  • Balanced Inserts on both signal paths
  • Transformer outputs on insert sends and buss outputs
  • Automated joystick option
  • Channel and monitor motorised faders
  • Frame sizes from 16 to 120 input modules
  • 48 track routing matrix
  • LCRS buss & 4 additional Stereo busses
  • 16 automated aux sends - 8 mono & 4 stereo sends being switchable to 8 mono sends
  • TFT Screen showing Supertrue automation
  • 16 user definable keys
  • Quick control keys
  • Comprehensive talkback
  • Central assignment panel